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Entertaining Music and Open Voice Page 
Throughout the Home




Wholehouse Multi-Room Audio Systems for Open Voice Page and Music |
A Home System that implements Multi-Room Music with In-Wall or Floor-Standing Speakers and Open Voice Page from your very phone handsets. A multi-zone multi-room audio system controlled by phone (and phone menus).

Strictly Multi-Room Open Voice Page Intercom with your Handsets
This home intercom Controller delivers Handset-to-Speaker Multi-Room Intercom in a very cost-effective fashion. Alternatively, it will connect to your existing audio system if you have one. Compatible with most other systems multi-room audio systems so you can take advantage of installed in-wall speakers. A quality multi-room voice page system!

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Music Background on Handsets and Speakerphones
Yet another alternative is to implement Music Background over handsets and speakerphones with this Home Intercom System.
  • Audio electronics for the smart home
  • Audio video interiors
  • Multi-room audio video interior systems
  • Central media room for multi-room systems
  • Different music in different rooms
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  • From media room to all rooms audio systems
  • Home electronics for intelligent multi-room music distribution home applications
  • Home electronics for smart rooms in multi-room audio applications
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  • Intelligent interiors with multi-room audio distribution
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  • Multi-area audio systems for the home
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  • Multi-area music systems
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  • Multi-room audio systems
  • Multi-room audio video systems
  • Multi-room audio visual systems
  • Multi-room entertainment systems
  • Multi-room music systems
  • Multi-zone audio paging systems
If you are looking for a quality multi-room audio system for a large home, under any of the denominations listed at left or bottom, please click here for a display of our Multi-Room Audio and Music systems for such applications.

Quantometrix is the home of the largest selection of residential multi-zone music distribution with or without built-in intercom system. Whatever your needs are, we do have a model for your specific application.

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  • Smart home systems for both intercom and music distribution
  • Smart interiors with multi-room music distribution
  • Wholehouse entertainment audio/music systems



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